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Daniel Terry, Founder/President


Daniel Terry (Coach DT) started The Formula Family as a way to connect with youth, through training, mentoring and sharing experiences using football and other sports as a vehicle to do so. Over the years, his small client base business grew through simple word of mouth and the success of kids trained and mentored with his unique skills set. Successful athletes likes of TJ Pledger, running back at University of Oklahoma and Davon House, a 9-year NFL veteran who played with NFL teams Jacksonville and  Green Bay.

After accruing  a good amount of talent, Coach DT decided to enhance his vision to meet the needs of the athletes by entering into the world of 7on7 tourneys as Formula4Speed years later the concept the non-profit “The Formula Family” was born. We want athletes and parents to grow and learn with us like family. With this proposed idealistic view our organization has been successful at growing participants and partnerships to allow access for our athletic youth from different zip codes, customized educational experiences, and highly competitive environments to invoke our athlete’s highest potential. 

Prior to starting The Formula Family,  Coach DT was a former collegiate athlete, playing at California State Fullerton University & Taft College, one of the best JC in the country at the time. Injuries shorted his career, resulting in two (2) shoulder surgeries & one shattered elbow which was the final break in his collegiate football career.

After returning home with feelings of despair, he turned to coaching youth football, which lead to basic training, which produced more impulsive training and now The Formula Family. Not only is coaching his passion but being a righteous husband to his wife and loving father to his 2 children (1 daughter and 1 son).

The Formula Family is a non-profit organization servicing San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley & Central Valley, and has about 140 athletes in the program. Under our organization we power programs like Formula4Speed our 7 on 7 football team (non-tackle) and the Annual All-Star Area Code Game for youth athletes. We also have created training partnership with Slim Body Fitness in Chatsworth CA,  partnership with Shock Doctor and Cutter Gloves. We have help send upwards of 30 athletes to college and we are anticipating growth in the upcoming years. In our past year we had thirteen (13) loyal athletes to play college ball and five (5) freshmen with Power 5 offers like Penn State, Florida, Oregon, ASU, Brown University, John Hopkins, Arizona & more. Updated, 2019 .

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